Marlys D.

I am originally from Marcelin, Saskatchewan.  I moved to Saskatoon when I was 7.  I attended St. Thomas Elementary School (now Pope John Paul II), and Holy Cross High School, and sang in school choirs throughout my school career.

I heard about and got involved with JOV through Al Loewen.  My husband Dave had been talking to Al about joining a choir, and Al suggested he audition for BJ's new choir in the Fall of 2011.  I wanted to join too, so we auditioned together, and became charter members of the then unnamed choir.  I remember how about 50 people came up with about 50 name suggestions, and how "Joy of Vox" won the vote, which included mine!!  

Besides JOV and school choirs,  I have enjoyed singing with my cousins at family events since as far back as I can remember.  Dave and I also sang in church choirs before our 3 boys were born, and when they were young.   With my love of singing, a modest piano background, and an introductory Orff Music Education course early in my teaching career, I have also been able to teach music to many students over the last 26 years.   This has brought me a great deal of joy and satisfaction at work. There's nothing like hearing children sing, watching them dance and move and play instruments, and seeing the joy on their engaged little faces! There's also nothing like knowing students benefit greatly from Music Education.  
Outside of choir I work at getting well, I enjoy time with family and friends and Dave, I support my sons in their endeavours, and I teach a BodyFlow class (a mix of yoga and pilates choreographed to music) at GoodLife Fitness.  JOV has been a rich and wonderful and health enhancing experience for me! I am so grateful to BJ and Penny, and to all those who take on supporting roles to help to make it what it is.