Del S.

How did you get involved in JOV?

I found out I have a cousin who sings in this choir and that he really enjoyed it, so I decided to get the ball rolling!

How long have you been with JOV?

Since October 2013.

Do you have a musical background?

My favorite chunks of high school memories are from band class and choir class. I picked up the piano when I was quite young and went through to the end of Grade 6 Royal Conservatory and still tinker with it a little bit now and then. Later, I picked up trumpet in band class. Singing, though, is just part of who I am. Isn't it for everybody? ;) Your voice is the instrument you always have with you, it's free, and it can be any volume you want to set it to.

What is your favourite song?

It changes from week to week, but at the moment I like Six Days on the Road most, with Life in a Northern Town coming in at a close second.

What do you do with your time outside of choir?

I install and repair computers and related equipment for a living. In my free time I enjoy researching computers, psychology and cars. Going to movies, playing games or just meeting for coffee with friends tends to fill the rest of my time. Oh and I volunteer a bit for the choir, earning the name Burning Man, or The Man With All The CDs.