Anne F.

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I was originally born in Yorkton, moved to Saskatoon for university and have been here ever since. I have always loved to sing, and grew up singing in church and school choirs. When my church choir in Saskatoon disbanded, I looked around for another choir to sing in and came across JOV. It is by far the biggest choir I've ever sung in, and it is fantastic! The people are so friendly and enjoyable to be around, and BJ is one of the most talented directors I've ever met (and hilariously funny to boot!)

JOV is also the first choir I've sung in that occasionally uses more than 4 parts, and the times when we break into 6 lines of harmony absolutely makes my heart soar. My favourite song that we've sung so far would have to be Christmas a la Fa La La, as I've always wanted to sing the Hallelujah from Handel's Messiah, and it's got a short line of "Hallelujah"s in true Handel style. If I had a choice to pick one song to add to our roster, it would have to be the full Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah!

Outside of choir, I spend my days working at a company called Areva, half time in the IT department and the other half in the library. I spend most nights doing homework in pursuit of my Master's degree in Library and Information Science. And in the little free time I have outside of my full time job and studies, I play my piano, go for walks, play soccer, read some good books, or play board games with my siblings.

 I've only been with JOV for a couple of months now(fall 2016), but I'm definitely planning and hoping to stay with them for a good number of years to come!