Audrey R

I was born and raised in Goodsoil, Saskatchewan, maiden name Sonntag. I came from a fairly musical family. My sister and cousins and I sang at many weddings and funerals. I play a little piano which I mostly learned from Penny as an adult. Unfortunately our small town did not have a piano teacher when I was growing up so I self taught and played by ear. I had a lot of fun taking lessons from Penny.  

My husband is Craig Rath and we have two daughters - Katelyn (22) and Grace (almost 17). We run two businesses out of our home, one is an Agriculture Consulting business and the other is an outfitting business (Prairie Rose Outfitters) where we guide hunters for migratory birds. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and golfing.

I heard about the group from Virginia who is my good friend and neighbour. I was so excited when the first person I saw there was Penny! I've been in the choir for a year and a half and am having a fabulous time. Everyone is so welcoming and fun. Thank you, BJ, for your wonderful leadership and for sharing your fabulous talents with us!