Kathy S.

Kathy Feb 2015_edit.JPG

Taking a hiatus from organized singing while raising her three sons, Kathy is thrilled to be singing Soprano One with JOV! Kathy has been singing with the group since its inception in 2012 & has loved every minute of it!

Kathy’s musical roots began in Dysart, Saskatchewan, singing at school, in the Church choir and at friends’ weddings; with the Saskatoon St. Thomas More Choir, ‘Heritage’ in Regina, and with the rock ‘n roll group ‘Loose Gravel’ in Churchill, Manitoba, as well as a few years with Eclipse Chorus in Saskatoon.

Singing with JOV provides a wonderful stress reliever from Kathy’s role as a nurse with Saskatchewan Air Ambulance. ”You can arrive at rehearsal exhausted & with your mind full of worries, which dissipate by the time vocal warm-ups are over!”

Kathy’s husband, Lory is very patient as Kathy rehearses to her practice CD while travelling the highway to Anglin Lake. The support from Kathy’s family and friends who are faithful JOV concert attendees is sincerely appreciated.