Kathy J.


How did you get involved in JOV?

I've been looking to join a choir for a few years - finally found what I was looking for!

How long have you been with JOV?

This is my first year. (fall 2016)

Do you have a musical background? 

yes. I was raised with music. Took Piano and organ lessons for many years as a kid. My parents were part of a small band that played local gigs in the 50's. My dad on the sax and my mom on piano.  I was in a choir in Vancouver for 13 years before moving to Saskatoon 5 years ago. 

What is your favourite song you've sung since joining?  

I love "I Sing Because I'm Happy"

What is a song you'd like JOV to sing?

 Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah would be pretty cool 

What do you do with your time outside of choir?  

I am a legal assistant at McDougall Gauley. Love to travel and try to do an interesting trip every year. This winter we are cruising from Miami, down through the Panama Canal, stopping in several South American countries and then up heading north to Los Angeles. Should be fun!!