Lesia P.

How did you get involved in JOV?

My husband worked with BJ Harris (our director)'s wife and so that was the beginning of this wonderful singing friendship ;)  

I love the Joy of Vox. BJ is a wonderful director and the music is challenging enough to keep me interested and on my toes, but not too challenging so that I can't also manage my other household and work duties. It's also a great community of people. As BJ likes to say, I like how the JOV is also a "drinking Choir with a Singing Problem.") 

How long have you been with JOV?

Since the very beginning! I like to think I helped nudge BJ to start the choir up. As I run a web and graphic design business in Saskatoon,  I have enjoyed volunteering for the choir and have been heavily involved in the graphic design materials, promotion, and creation of this website. 

Do you have a musical background?

Yes, I'd say so. I have always been dabbling in something musical for as long as I can remember. Piano, flute, guitar... but my real love was singing. Specifically, singing in a choir/group setting. The harmonies that are formed are music to my ears and bring me stress relief and joy.

I joined choirs in Elementary school, but it was in high school in Kelowna, BC where my love for singing grew... all because of a fantastic teacher, Mrs. K, who now directs her own choir in Kelowna. She is an amazingly talented singing coach and teacher. 

Then, when living in Vancouver, I managed to join the Gallery Singers. I quite liked the very I intricate harmonies and the complicated lyrics in other languages that I barely understood. It really upped my sight reading abilities tremendously. However, it wasn't as much fun as singing with JOV!

What is your favourite song?

My favourite song to sing is acapella piece, That Lucky Old Sun. 

What do you do with your time outside of choir?

Besides running my own business and spending time with my 2 boys, I enjoy cooking, volunteering, and am heavily involved in the local food community.  Oh and binge watching on Netflix.