Kirstin P.

I joined JOV in January of 2013 after two of my sisters joined the previous fall. I have always had a love of music though I’ve never taken a music lesson of any kind in my life. I’ve been in musicals and choirs since I was in high school and was always involved in the drama department, as I loved being on stage. 

I wouldn’t say that I play any instruments, though I did teach myself to play piano when I was a kid, and right now I’m teaching myself to play guitar!

Outside of JOV I am a stay at home mom of two boys, and I occasionally do graphic design, which gives me flash backs to my career before children! I worked in print shops/marketing departments for about ten years until the kids came along. Now as a family, we enjoy trips to our cabin, snowmobiling, fishing, quadding, travelling, and spending time with friends around a campfire (there may be some guitars involved in that activity).

Joy of Vox has been such a welcome addition to my life, giving me an outlet for my singing and musical tendencies and also allowing me to get out of the house and spend time with fellow musicians - something I’ve never really been privy to before!