Rochelle H.

Rochelle is originally from Glen Bain, Saskatchewan. She grew up on a farm in the middle of no where and as a result she had to come up with things to do to keep her entertained. Naturally, that would include annoying her older siblings. She loved singing so much that her family had to put up no singing zones in the dining room during meals. 

Rochelle was singing at work one day (she owns her own hair salon downtown called Rock Paper Scissors Salon) when her client Kath Stevenson remarked "You should join Joy of Vox! You'll love it." So she did join, and now 8 months later, she (and her fiancé Jordan) still can't stop singing Christmas carols. She literally has no experience and cannot even read music, but that doesn't stop her! 

In her spare time, Rochelle enjoys cooking, baking, fishing, golfing, playing board games, enjoying a pint with friends, cuddling cats and playing ultimate frisbee.  She sings while doing most of these things.