Shelagh M.

I grew up in small town Saskatchewan( Strasbourg and Lanigan). My Mom was very musical and encouraged all 5 of her kids to take piano lessons. Voice lessons as a really young girl 7-8 led me to perform in every musical festival, both singing and piano, that Mom could get us to. In high school I was in choir and the musicals, and even taught piano lessons for a couple of years to earn money to buy COOL jeans and palazzo pants.After I left home a friend and I sang at a number of weddings for friends/ family for a few years.

Once a Mom I forgot about my music, other than to sing to every song on the radio whether I knew the words or not( which tormented my kids). I have 2 wonderful kids, a son and a daughter who have been the best part of me for all of their lives. My son is now married to a great gal, and my daughter has a good man as her partner.

I recently retired and moved to Saskatoon in the spring (of 2016)- before I even got here I googled choirs to join, went to the JOV spring concert and was hooked!I called up BJ and said “ I want in”. I joined in the summer and am a tenor in the choir. It feels so good to be making music again. My issue is that when we have a particularly powerful harmonious few measures, I will “happy cry” , choke up and be unable to sing!!!!

I love singing in this choir, we are so blessed to have an amazingly talented choir director and pianist .

Rock on!