Siobhán B.

Siobhán has lived all over the world (her father is from Ireland, her mother is from eastern Saskatchewan, and both were nomads during Siobhán's school years).  She has lived in a number of places in Canada, Ireland and Australia.  

Siobhán has been involved with Joy of Vox since its inception in 2012.  She and her husband are friends of BJ's, and she was delighted when he asked if she would be willing to join his new group.  She has enjoyed seeing the choir grow from its roughly 30 original members to the near 130 members it boasts today!

Siobhán has always been involved in music:  she took her Gr. 8 Royal Conservatory in piano, has played the flute (both classical and Irish) for much of her life, and enjoys playing around with any other instrument she can get her hands on, including the Irish whistle, the bodhran (Irish drum), guitar, tenor sax and a little stint with the cello.  

Siobhán has also been very involved in singing for much of her life, both with church choirs and other organized choirs.  She is a member of the Irish cultural group in Saskatoon and plays/sings Irish music at many events.  Siobhán also discovered a love for performing in musical theatre, and has been involved in a number of productions by the Saskatoon Summer Players, including roles in Shrek, Cabaret, and as a soloist in their production entitled Broadway in Love.  

Siobhán is married to Joel, and between them they try to keep things in their little madhouse going forward - life is incredibly busy with 4 year old twins and a nutty little rescue dog!  Other than being a mom to twins, Siobhán is an Exercise Therapist at City Hospital.  She plays volleyball (both indoor and beach), ball in the summer, and any other sport that she can be a part of - she's an odd mix of athlete and musician!